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Mens Corduroy Hats

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Fusing familiar silhouettes with our signature premium corduroy means that we can give the fabric new relevance in a contemporary context. On our quest to cater for all your corduroy needs, we are happy to introduce our brand new collection of mens corduroy caps. For an endless array of styling opportunities, we have taken our style cues from cap classics like the immortal baseball cap. The corduroy caps and corduroy hats are designed in our studio in Stockholm and come in a range of wales and washes, from black and white to natural hues and vibrant pop colours, some with classic and novelty prints. In true Cords spirit, it’s all in the detail: from sleek shapes with barely-there detailing to bold-patterned styles with textured logo patches, there is a corduroy cap for all. Our stellar offering of mens corduroy caps showcases our dedication to push the boundaries of typical corduroy concepts and present the soft, durable and iconic fabric in a novel way. These are future corduroy classics which will help you rediscover your love for corduroy. With our corduroy caps, we want to revitalise a classic familiar, sometimes forgotten fabric and present it to a new audience in a new way.