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Women’s corduroy jackets from The Cords are an easy fit for your wardrobe. The jacket is the most essential piece of clothing for outdoor activities and has become one of the most common items for styling an outfit. Whatever the need, you’ll find your style in our unique and extensive collection of corduroy jackets. Our women’s jackets are available in a wide selection of fits, colors and sizes, suitable for any kind of occasion – and for any kind of weather you may find yourself in.

All of our jackets are made entirely of versatile corduroy, one of the most durable and lovable fabrics out there. The Cords also makes pants, sweatshirts and hats in corduroy - it is simply just the most interesting material we have managed to find.

From a stroll in the park to an exquisite outfit for the office hours, we can’t wait to see what you find in our collection to complete your look. Our jackets are made to last, give you style and stay with you through the years and your journey in life.

These jackets keep you warm and cool as the seasons change and feature our Scandinavian designed corduroy jackets for women.