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Womens Corduroy Sweatshirts

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At The Cords, we explore familiar silhouettes and flip them into our signature corduroy fabrication. Our collection of sweatshirts and hoodies shows our quest to push the boundaries of typical corduroy concepts and present the soft, durable and iconic fabric in novel ways. The category is made up of corduroy sweatshirts and corduroy hoodies in a library of wales as well as classic cotton sweatshirts and cotton hoodies - unisex everyday staples to wear all year round. With a pre-love for natural hues, our colours range from classic black, indigo and shades of indigo to vibrant pop colours like bright reds and blues. The familiar detailing include practical hoods, kangaroo pockets, drawstrings and ribbed hems and cuffs. In true Cords spirit, we have paid great respect to the sweatshirt and hoodies’ past within the working culture, the street culture and as a sportswear item. At The Cords & Co, we focus our brand on the long history of corduroy. By combining the best of two worlds - an iconic garment and a timeless fabric - we have updated the staple sweatshirt and hoodie for a modern look. These pieces are future corduroy classics shaped by the iconic material’s character and quality.